Saturday, 19 November 2016

Things Interior Designers Notice in your Home

When an interior decorator comes into your home, there are a few things that they look at immediately. You might wonder what those are. Well, this article will go over the layout of just what in the world each of these is, and also include some of the big factors that they look into, such as even where the placement of a faux brick wall might go.

The first, is the layout of the room.  The first thing that they typically look is at the layout of the room and the function of it.  functionality is one of the key factors, and they can see where bad doorways and odd overhead lighting is, or even where an improperly placed faux brick wall is.  It is almost magical how they do it, but they can help create a better-flowing room that works for your lifestyle. 

One other strange one that interior designers get onto clients about almost immediately, is the location of the sofa.  Often, it’s against the wall.  What people don’t realize is that it takes away from the focal piece, which could be the sofa, and it drives it to the corner.  It definitely makes a huge difference in a home if you have the sofa not up against the wall, but rather away from it so it’s more inviting and makes the room bigger. 

Then there is one where they look at the flowers.  Flowers are an accent that says a lot.  Flowers by the door or even as an accent on an end table, can make a big difference in the nature of how this will help out the person living there as well. 

Another one that interior designers look at, which might seem slightly strange, are the number of pillows on the couch. The typical two-pillow and throw system is what may use, but that’s actually something not encouraged, because it doesn’t make it feel cozy and comfy. One major change that interior designers encourage those that want to change their space to do, is to put some more throws on, for it makes it look even better than before. 

Then there is organization. Now many of us have little items and knickknacks, but a big thing that you should also take a look at is if they are using them.  One thing that you should do with your home, is to take out the little stuff collecting dust, and instead, put out items that are functional, and organize them in an effective manner. It’s a means to really improve the state of your abode, and to make it better.

Even if the interior designer doesn’t tell you the obvious, like a faux brick wall needs to be put in to accent the space, these little things are important elements to take into consideration into your home.  Do yourself a favor and start to use this effectively, and from there, you’ll be able to create the home of your dreams.